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Title: Elemental High Council Trustee for Confederacy of Sols Alliance - Humans Member
Post by: Aurora on August 26, 2016, 09:06:40 PM

Elemental High Council Trusteeship for Confederacy of Sols Alliance deliverance for Humans Membership and Stewardship Representation

It is an alignment with EnT for Human Stewardship actions

Confederacy of Sols Alliance is a temple of EnTs and their corresponding solar planetary creations and their species within the creations.

Suns are a permanent fixture, but planets can move from their position.
They are called ‘wandering planets’.
Species also move from their planet of origin.

Each human lineage and a variety of species belong to a particular Sun.
That is why some humans have an affinity for some species.

Not every sun is represented by a human, because not every galaxy has had human existance.

By virtue of seniority in the creation of the human specie/lineage, an individual will be the House Doma. Will reincarnate as the House Doma.
This title is eternal.
There are many human  Confederacy of Sols  House Domas on this planet today.   All are known by the Elementals and in due course will be awakened to their House Doma role and responsibilities.
Each house will have many humans in the same house.
Those humans, of the same lineage, generally align more easily with each other