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Title: Elemental High Council Trustee for League of Planets Human Membership
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Elemental High Council Trusteeship for League of Planets deliverance for Humans Membership and Stewardship Representation

It is an alignment with Elemental Guardian for Human Stewardship actions, which is all about Healing.

League of Planets is a Temple of Planetary Guardian Elementals, who have affiliations to other Guardian Elementals due to planetary relationships.
e.g. Earth has five kin planets from the same solar system. Ophicuus and then Aldebaran group.
All planets have certain relationships to each other which creates a purpose and a relationship, just like the brain organs in the brain.

Earth was once a super large planet that exploded into 6 parts, which also became planets, they are called transient kin.

Which means the League of Planets that Earth humans belong to are about the 10 kin planets of Earth.

Earths 5 kin planets are in this galaxy now
Nibiru, Venus, Thalia, Io, Ophus (sun)
Thalia is presently in a black hole, and has been for 150,000 years.

One of the transient kin planets, is the homeworld of the Zeta.

All are in a bad state, including Earth,  and all require Human Stewardship intervention at this point.