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The End Game.

* UNITED NATIONS  Disorder, criminal intentions,  Ineffectual paralyzed function, crippling nations interrelations -  Front for the elite controlling its financing to paralyze function and nations sovereignty -
supplying arms  for warfare - warfare inception and control with alliances and intel  from elite universitys intelligence and spying mechanisms controlling Incorporation and U.N.
Intentions to 'commit to peace'  a lie -  all display.
* RED CROSS:  child trading, organ suppliers, immunization poisoning
* WHO controlling .. bio warfare, bio genetic engineering, cybenetic warfare, weather warfare, immunization poisoning
* UNICEF : blackmarket organs, child trafficking, indentured labour, false pretences - debt control made impossible to recover from
UNESCO: occult practises, blocking information, hidden agendas, blocking freedom of information, shutting down of truths, peace, alliance that would service humanity.
NASA  science lies, fake sciences, secrecy, hidden findings and revelations, airbrushed whitewashed truths.
FDA: science lies, research deceit, research payoffs and handouts, total abuse and misuse of tax funding, in cahoots with Monsanto, total corruptions of safety standards, bogus, wilful - coverups of endemic poisoning of the population
FDA Monsanto Alliance - sanctions, licences, permissions, lobbyists, whitewashing  and spin merchants
Linked by cycling and recycling of executives and CEOs
Monsanto:   the largest disease manufacturers on the planet - sick agriculture monopoly - 
wilful interference of the natural order - evil intention to monopolize at the health and welfare of citizens - deliberate genocide - mass extermination - populations controls.
Monsanto Research Agencies:  gm insects for plague production, destruction of crops monopoly,
Elite Universities - controlling information, funding, exposure, intelligence services
mass extermination and population controls
Sacrificing nations sovereignty

AWAKENING / STARSEEDS - Actualizing the Transcendent Reality
« on: April 24, 2018, 02:59:55 PM »

STARSEEDS - Actualizing the Transcendent Reality

« on: April 24, 2018, 02:58:09 PM »
Starseeds Immensity
An Awakening Nurturance Prequel

Feature of starseeds and common denominator - Confusion over purpose

Redirection of purpose to be called upon to be in Extraordinary Service

A shock to the system in being here will change in their rapid evolution
An all inclusive Accelerated Spiritual Maturing to be in full service to All Life
A task taken on by agreement,  for an Adventure of a Lifetime, for truly expressing the gift of conscious transformational healing of the 3rd dimension
without favor
with total integrity

Simply to get the job done

Magnitude of the tasks transmutes karmas and opens fully heart centre to full on transforming compassion.

The feelings at delaying this purpose awakens an intensity of  the intention, the integrity
to end all shame, all blame,  all pretension and Be in Enlightened Service

A Universal Shift
A Breakthrough
to work with the 3rd dimension

All has been crippled by a very extensive distortion of the 3rd dimension and the True Purpose of its existance
It was to be a learning experience of manifesting with Us, went very wrong, very quickly

It is now being corrected as the Star Seeds committed themselves to come back and fulfil the purpose originally intended.

This correction will be irreversible for all time
Transformation enabling the restoration of Universal Purpose, to Unify All Life in Actuality.

Service is in the StarSeeds unconscious
The race to Evolution has begun, the StarSeeds leading the way, with Our Direction
All StarSeeds once awoken, will be eager to get into action. - this is another feature of StarSeeds,  Eagerness and Devotion to Evolution

Determination for everyone to get finished
Those that have tripped and stumbled, will be assisted by other Star Seeds to get up and get moving
In this, is a sense of deep Gratitude

A Job Well Done
The Universe Moves Ahead

The negative energy in the  3rd dimension will slowly dissolve as the Evolution teaching learning experience is progressed
The energy will shift in the 3rd dimension to total guidance of any species to rapidly evolve
as the karma is understood and the purpose of karma is acknowledged.

The shame released with Integrity and Honor of Stewardship, now developing in higher dimensions.

The 3rd dimension is reserved for other species and humans to learn Evolution

We are gathering up all our manifestations and Creations into a progressive, intense return to Us
To Know Us Directly.

A New Cycle will Begin of Evolution
New Challanges
New Healings
New Integration

on the level of immediate manifestation
Learning to do this in Balance - Harmony - Gratitude - Valuing Existance

Valuing Existance as an infinite, compassionate acknowledgement
Humbling, Unifying experience with Us as We Share With You Our Intentions for Life and Existance

It is the intention of starseeds to set the trends, to inspire growth
to bring all Life into this intention

That will be their gift, their love, to bring all  into Our energy field
as theirs develops Full Elementalism, so too, All Life in the 3rd Dimension
as We progress into the 6th Universe in an intense momentum to Evolve.

The momentum to Evolve will dissolve all doubt and hesitation

Momenturm will be fearful for those with no trust
Being pushed into the unknown, fearful for those with no trust
No clarity, fearful for those with no trust
The Star Seed getting on with it, will inspire that faith and trust.

Just Do It
the sense of self dissolved  for the full magnitude of Beingness to be experienced.

with Total Trust as the only way to be in it
and Absolute Faith as the only way to have the Joyous and exciting ride into the Unknown with Us.

Pure Communing
Acceptance of Ones Destiny to Be More than One could have thought Possible

Be One With Us
and We Will Show You a Love that will create a New Universe.

Elemental Council

AWAKENING / STARSEEDS - Special Service to Humanity
« on: April 24, 2018, 02:55:40 PM »

 Starseeds - Special Service to Humanity


Starseeds have incarnated on Earth for a very special service to humanity.
Humans Awakening 
to Elemental Guidance  & Governance through a new Dual Elemental & Human co Synergy and Elementalism
To bring forth  Absolute Healing, Global Healing and Humanism - World Unity - New Sciences Coherance,   Consciousness and Evolution.

Awakening is on the cusp of beginning.  to be preceded by an awakened team of starseeds - Born to Be Shining Lights.  xx
 that will have a huge impact and  effect on the full on massive awakening that is planned.
Because they can - because they are able - because they will more readily understand and be more inspired  to do the work, hence
inspiring others.
Awakening Coherance Undertaking is the Starseeds Shining purpose.... to inspire by example.

But first all have to be awakened to their True Purpose and  their brilliance - which will take many by surprise  I am sure xx

That is part of what the group at Tewantin is doing at the moment -   (amongst other business for awakening involvement)
being led to all the starseeds/bright stars  (100's)  to be invited, included the many on this forum -  to be  involved in the pre-awakening involvement conferencing sessions.

It is a True Joy to give you this information -   (as it will be to inform all the other Starseeds)
-  to enable your True Purpose and to understand your Joy of Being will be through inspiring and helping others to achieve the same Brilliance.

Being One with Us
oKa -  the Elemental Earthmother


Awakening to Actualizing a New Harmonious Transcendent Reality

Elementals supplying A New Perspective on World, Galactical, and Cosmic Affairs

Elemental Signature Alliance
Surrender to Elementalism - Evolution Expedience
Elemental Immersion, as the means to an accelerated consciousness - 
Absolute Conduitism for Elemental Representation and Universal Service

AWAKENING / Awakening to New Evolving Perspectives
« on: April 24, 2018, 02:43:42 PM »

Awakening to New Evolving Perspectives

Changes in perceptions - attitudes - Service -  Evolution
Altered States of Consciousness
Actualizing New Concepts to make a new reality
Actualizing a Transcendant Reality
Learning in the Resonance of Love

AWAKENING / Awakening to Elementalism
« on: April 24, 2018, 02:37:31 PM »

Awakening to Elementalism

AWAKENING / What is Awakening?
« on: April 24, 2018, 02:24:42 PM »
What is Awakening

Being awakened to New Truths, has an exciting effect on the nervous system and brain, as to cause an awakening furor to sit up, take notice of something not noticed before, and take new action.

Being made aware of New Truths that can heal, train consciousness and change ones reality - will cause the consciousness to consider the new truths on how to take the action needed - to become fully awake, and not slide back into sleep mode.

The awakened uses logic and common sense that no new reality can happen without change, and desires/yearns/craves  more information on how to proceed and progress.

Awakening to Elemental Guided Evolution

Awakening to Elementals, Elementalism, Elemental Immersion for an Elementalized Human

Elementals have the information, the tools and the work to facilitate Evolution and 3rd dimensional Transcendence.
The Work
* Daily Communing
* Daily Oneness experience
* Daily Messaging
* Karma Clearing
* Ego & Ugly Personality Dissolution
* Consciousness
* Consciousness Enactment for Embodiment
* New Sciences Experience
* New Sciences Inaugeration
* Service
* Stewardship

« on: January 07, 2018, 03:02:44 PM »

Secret Agendas

1. Secret Agenda to exterminate 'vermin'.

Presenting Humanity with a New Template for Evolution

Arth - A New Galactic Solar System

Earths Shift to a New Location
The Preparation - NAPP, New Arth Preparation Plan
The Sciencess
Humans Stewardship Responsibilities
The Shifting Six Companion  Planets
Species Transformation
Exodus of Species
Planetary Relocations
Universal Parague Paradesis
Arths Solar Ignition

Breaking News Revelations & New Truths Presentations / NEW SUPER HUMAN
« on: January 06, 2018, 03:24:36 PM »
New Blueprint, New Organs,  New Gifts, New Intellect, New Abilities

New Meyu Ul Drahnel Blueprint
New Physiology



New Human
New Animal and Birds


through a new Dual Elemental & Human Synergy

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