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Elemental High Council Trustee for enT Deliverance
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EnTs are the creation and maintenance factor for species existance on a planet.
They are massive Elemental serpants that are connected to the core of a planet radiating outwards.

Humans ignorance is diminishing EnTs capabilities to maintain this planets integrity.
Through the decimation of forests on this planet the atmospheric levels are changing.

To have consciousness, is to know EnT.

It is time to know EnT as they truly are.  The factor that keeps species alive on this planet.
It is through the presence of Tree, humanity is able to maintain Harmonic States of Being – until the consciousness work is done to achieve this for oneself.

The EnT Realm supply
Precurser Animation
Land Consolidation
Atmospheric Delineation

The Tones of Creation (Consciousness Signatures) is chi, and chi is produced by the  EnT-Insuid Chi Cascade.
Ents produce Insuids (Light Elementals).  Insuids are all different light fractals.
Energy signatures are comprised of light fractals, the Language of Light are components of complete Energy Signatures.
Specific Integral chi signatures are a complete formula for  Existential Multi Dimensionalism and Evolution.

Chi  exists (or doesn’t exist) in the etheric forms of all living species.  Everything, including the planet itself,  has an etheric body counterpart, comprised of matrices (which are all Elements and Elementals).
The etheric form is where chi accumulates. In its accumulation it affects, influences and is the catalyst for  awareness, consciousness, healing, growth and transformation.