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New Truth Revelations
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New Truth Revelations

Life - The Genesis and Progression of  Multi Creations, Multi Intelligensia,  Multi Dimensions, Multiverses - Nothing of these are known by the human race.

All life including other dimensions, has been corrupted and harmed by humans ignorance of Life.

Truth - Is inexplicable and undeniable fact.
Truths can be experienced.
When there is experience of a truth, it is then a knowing - not a belief nor a theory. Truth and knowledge that are truths, change brain waves.
Truth changes perceptions and gives new awarenesses.
Humans, at present,  do not have these perceptions and awarenesses.

Elemental Telepathy and Conduitism:  New methods for Elementals to communicate with, and through the (empty) human conduit.

Consciousness -Consciousness is absolute Unity Love  and transcendent Beautification mindedness.
There is no consciousness in humans, in  the 3rd dimension because of karma.

Evolution - Absolute Harmlessness starts an evolutionary journey.  Harm devolves an existance.
There has been no evolution in humans lives or where humans live, because of the nonexistance of Truth of Life and existance of Omni Elementals & ents,  and the inner and outer humans harmfulness.
The cause of which is  reptilians over-rule to punish humans, create more karma,  and the karmic effect on humans inability to be harmless, or create no harm.

Karma - Karma is a future experience of harm done to another. Generally by  disresonant and ugly personality disorders.
* The Karmic Return:  If one harms another, if there is no apology and no forgiveness, then one will experience the harm caused.
If one causes another pain,  one will experience that pain.
If one withholds food from the starving and hungry, then one will experience being starving and hungry.
If one abuses a child, then  one will experience a future life of an abused child.
* The Karmic Trigger:  The the karmic disresonance is in the unconscious (mental subtle body) , words, behaviour, people - the karmic disresonance in the unconscious is revealed in the triggered reaction.
* The karmic effect The Karmic effect has caused Mental Contusion in humans
* Karma Resolution:  The seeing and understanding of the karmic circumstance,  understanding and seeing the psychological effect this life of the victim, the ugly attitude of the perpetrator, forgiveness and apology.
* Consciousness Embodiment is through
acknowledging the Ugly Personality Characteristic, the harm it perpetrates,
doing a new mentored action and behaviour ,(to dissolve the ugly disposition, along with their faulty perceptions and attitudes)   
adopting a new Consciousness mentality, by certain daily actions
then making the consciousness tone  magnificent in some way.
Karma clearing paves the way for Consciousness Embodiment, a New Fremin Light Body,  and New blueprint Acquisition.
Elementalism:  The immersion of the Elemental & ent Realms in the hearts, minds, lives and spirit of the human for Omni Governance, Mentoring Guidance, Nurturance, Supervision.  To tutor and nurture transformation, evolution and transcendence.

Elementalism is the process of guided Elemental  nurturing governance by  telepathy,  vision,  sensing, feeling, intuiting, body and mind felt knowingness - a return to your own heart sense of who you really are and your place in the community of cooperation, compassion and accelerated evolution - bringing to an end the inertia and stagnation human evolution has been in for millions of years

It is highly personal not an elitist institution -it is your own freed up, finally made conscious mind,  that you can choose better solutions the Elementals reveal

Omni Council:  comprising Arth Emissary Council , entdemor Council of ents,  Magorial Tor High Command,
Elemental High Council.
Omni Sciences: Creation, Existance, Intelligence, Dimensionality,   Blueprints, Transformation,  Cosmology, Lexicon, Symbology  -  All sciences to be experienced

Absolute Healing: Life - Worlds - Universes - Suns - Planets - Galaxies - Species -
Humans: brain reformation and correction,  physiology, psychology and New Blueprint Acquisition.
One is mentored to start healing the self, in this process the healing will heal other species  and reform worlds including Elementals.

Transcendence:  Ascension of the consciousness mind in a lightbody that will supercede the physical form.



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New Truth Revelations
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Elementals & enTs are revealing themselves en masse for the very first time in humans history.

Earth has started its Ascension yours will begin guided by Us

It is time for Humans Evolution and it begins with You being guided by Us.