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Arth Galactic Collective List and Linking List
« on: January 11, 2017, 08:07:57 PM »
Arth Galactic Collective

Arth Emissary Council
Earthmother Announcements
Earthmother Speaks
New Truth
Old Non Evolutionary Paradigms
New Arth Presentations
Arth Galactic Alliances Presentation
New Arth Web Conferences
Arth World Governments Convention
New Arth World Festivals


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Re: Arth Galactic Collective Linking List
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Arth Galactic Collective

Arth Emissary Council
Onder Amar Healing & Humanitarian Guild   
Arth Emissary Council Trustee Guild
Arth Emissary Council Media

Earthmother Announcements
New Truth Revelations
The Future Exodus of Planet Earth
Justice & Solution for the Victim & Victimized
Trialing Cures for the Mentally Ill & Incurable
Time for Humans Shining Eminence  -
Earth Changes Imminent
Global Healing Initiatives
Free Energy Precipitation Planning
EarthShift & NAPP Involvement Eminence
Urgent Human Representation

Earthmother Speaks
Change is the Only Way -
Elementalism & Elemental Guidance
EarthShift -
Creating a Better World -
Time to Shine
Omni Mentorship Devotion
Reconnection Back to the Heart
We Are Here to Give you Truth
Leadership Deception
Omni Council Sacred Governance
Omni Council Representation
My Precious Youth

New Truth
Omni Mentorship
New Spiritual Guidance
New Truth Revelations
Omni Service & Stewardship Transformation
Critical States
Revolutionary Truth -Dissolving Psychotic & Toxic Ego
Elemental Omnipresence
Omni Council Representation & Service
Natural Justice
We Promise
Accelerated Consciousness Growth

Old Non Evolutionary Paradigms

Psychotic, Elitist Warfare Game
Law and Order
Monetary Systems
Judicial System
Human Sciences

New Arth Presentations
Elemental Immersion Awakening
Emerging Golden Age Involvement
New Galaxy - New Galactical Stewardship
Sek Elvenesce Transformation

Arth Galactic Alliances Presentation
Arth Galactic Alliances Conference  -
Galactical Elementalism Orienteering & Education  -
Magorial Tor & Arth Galactical Alliance Conference  -

New Arth Web Conferences
Global Healing & Humanitarian  Responsibility Planning
Elementalism Education Planning   
NAPP Embrionic Planning   
Sek Elvenesce Initiation & Involvement Workshop
 Omni Council Governance Conference   
Omni Council  - Open Conferencing
 Omni Council & World Governments Conference
Magorial Tor & World Leaders Open Conference
NAPP Taskforcing Conferencing Workshop
Sek Elvenesce Model Construction Planning Workshop
World Elementalism Festival Planning & Involvement Workshop
World Elementalism Orienteering and Education Transition Workshop
Earths New Arth & Omni Council Representation Implementation Workshop
Absolute Healing Workshop
Absolute Healing 2,   Conferencing Workshop

 Arth World Governments Convention
World Governments New Arth Implementation
 World Governments Absolute Healing Implementation
Elementals & ents  World Elementalism Education   
Omni Council Governance & Elementalism Convention
Sek Elvenesce & World Governments Convention
NAPP & World Governments Convention
Magorial Tor High Command and All Nations Military Alliance


New Arth World Festivals