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My Precious Youth
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My Precious Youth

Awakening, Consciousness and Global Humanitarianism hinges on you
 – your attitudes
– your behaviour
– and courage to refuse what is morally incorrect. 

So much has been directed at you to be immoral, become immoral, become what a large proportion of the older folk are today, karmic effected, reptilian influenced to be immoral – in some way shape or form.

So much has been directed at  you to send you mad -  with compromise, with anger, with a fuming contempt that changes your brain functions. ,
With an overwhelming desire to do something but knowing it would be futile – or a guilt that you do not ‘want to know’  ---  and a guilt that you just want to have fun, friends, ridiculous behaviours (anything to exclude the adult and the adult influence)
Yes now we are speaking something that could not be quite defined by you ---- 
Or maybe for some,  defined with added frustration, that slowly eroded respect for adults  - that one knew they were being compromised, immoral, being used – yet could not do anything, or be a part of anything that seriously made any changes.
This has caused psychosis and madness in some older folk.

There are grave truths to be told about the human race , Earth humans and its unseen reptilian controllers , and the new force about to emerge to help humans.
Elementals & EnTs  are here in a great force, creating light fields around each and every human.
To help humans learn to heal every single thing in this Universe that needs healing – which is every thing in the Universe.
To help humans know and understand about  Elementals & EnTs -  how to communicate with Us and the need for an intense,  but profoundly rewarding mentorship from Us.

To be fully involved  and immersed in Us, and Us in you,   is called Elementalism.
We invite you to be involved in Elementalism and Truth, by first  seeking your  own personal Elemental Guides name, for them to communicate an amazing new journey and new lifes experiences.