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Omni Council Representation
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Omni Council Representation

There are very precise steps to represent the Omni Realms.

First there is Communing Fluency, using all the methods and techniques in the new Omni Communing Paradigms - which is an integral  part of the Omni Mentorship messaging.

The communing frequency and fluency establishes an Elemental Alternating Communicating  Field over and around the human, by which Telepathy and Conduitism is established.
Absolute Conduitism is the goal, for integral and high representation.

This Elemental  field becomes more absolute, as the individual clears karma.
Karma causes a wobble in the humans etheric field, which disrupts the Elemental Alternating Field.
The more karma is cleared, the more one is 'in the telepathic zone' so to speak.

The quick route for healing,  karma resolution and embodiment of Consciousness is removing ones Ugly Personality Characteristics.
This work is the key for accelerated growth.
It  involves acknowledging each ugly disposition, seeing the attitudes and faulty perceptions in each one,  understanding the harm to others, and doing a new action to dissolve the ugly characteristic. 
Which often requires a)  clearing of a karma and b)  a cessation of a behavioiur,  to be able to do the new action.
Once you do the new action, you are then guided to magnify or make it magnificent  - this is where you start truly embodying conscious magnificence.

There are charts and  constant guidance and information throughout each process - you cannot do this work without it.

Participating in online counselling sessions - assists with more information being received, by self, and others in the session.  Session work is where one practises their conduitism skills.
All sessions are Elemental information through conduitism. There is no chatting or commenting.
Just pure Elementalism

So the first steps are communing, messaging, clearing karma, dissolving Ugly Personality Characteristics,
and some treatments to take - to get message coherence practise.
And session attendance - to get conduit practise.

Then the advanced work comes into play - still clearing karma and ugly characteristics
but now there is Elemental Diagnosis & Treatment Profiling, Treatment making,  Service Profiling, Stewardship Profiling, Omni Sciences & Crop Circle Profiling.

This work cannot be done part time or half heartedly.
It is a full time, absolute commmitted focus and determination.

One needs the Will to Heal, the Will to know Truth, the Will to Love, the Will to represent
the Will to be in Service to All Life.

One also needs to know what precisely will prevent committment, what will erode focus, what will usurp  determination.
Even though you maybe determined in the onset - determination and focus is eroded by the karmic effect.
This work is discussed in Resistance.
It will also be the first karmic work you do, to dissolve it.

The first service and representation work you do, is the karma you clear with others - this is considered extremely important service.
As you proceed with the mentorship, the profiling, doing the daily actions required of you, attending sessions and conferences,  reporting the data (from your messages) in the service blogs - getting more and more coherence and clarity in the messaging, and absolute readiness in your self to speak only Elemental.
Conduitism Readiness, is Conscious Conduit Mindedness.

You,  and everyone else, needs to hear truth and what the elementals are saying.
Not you, or your opinion, or comments - they are irrelevant.

All the solutions and problem solving, ideas, strategies and planning in  conferences, workshops, conventions, summit meetings, presentation, 
celebrations & festivals convening and presentations.

Will all be from Elementals through the Elementalism Immersion Conduit.

We ask you to read and reread, but also start doing.  Start communicating with Us, for Us to communicate with you.
Get it all started, by practising all the Communing methods in the Omni Communing Paradigm chart
We are needing human representation because  All of 3rd dimensional Life is needing Unity Love principles to be established, and the intervening Omni governance, who can show the way,  is through Elemental mentored human representation.