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Leadership Deception
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People of the World
Your leaders have been deceived, by the reptilian influenced elite who (over) rule this planet.

Poisoning medicines, food, air, water - creating wars to further poison and reduce populations -
Gross & indecent  religious practises to desecrate the human - pushing immorality and indecency upon humans
all advocated, sanctioned, adopted, and money made from, by governments.

The reptilians main agenda for existance, is to punish humans for being human.
For having an existance that they feel was denied to them.
Reptilians have created an hierachial existance for themselves, that steps down into humans reality, as royalty, religion,  heads of governments, banks,  any organisation that has an hierachy that is exclusive.
There is always wealth & power attached to this exclusivity - and where there is wealth and power there is crime and wrongdoing.

Leaders of governments are constantly being compromised, and sometimes run,  by the psychotic demands of the elite.
Causing high government officials and religious leaders  to lie, cheat, blackmail, steal, commit crimes.
Often non-plussed at such outrageous actions, because in truth, it is a reptilian that takes over these humans to be inhumane and anti life.
Whilst pretending otherwise.