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We Are Here to Give you Truth
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We are here to give you Truth

if you listen with your heart and not your head
you'll feel the difference

We, the Omni Council of Elementals and enTs,  are here for the transformation of the Earth and transcendence of the human race.

We are here To bring forth the justice,  the honour and integrity of humanity to itself and to life.

Humanity has lost its way,

and insodoing has lost integrity by degrading and harming life

The only way out, is through Us

There is to be a mass awakening and an even more massive healing and conscious raising  around the globe through new gifts and tools to communicate with Us.

We will assist you all
to transform yourselves
to complete what has never been done
by any human being transcending the 3rd dimension into an eternal life of unity love and Service to Life.

The Transformation will be the transcendence of arrogance, ignorance  and stupidity
that has been passed off as the only path to be on

There is another path of Absolute Truth and Unity Love

 it is about the Unity of all life - it is to be in service to all life
 - and to do so with our guidance

Omni Guidance  is the beginning of the
transformation of the Universe itself

We have come to fulfill the dream in the heart of every human being -  to be freed from

the tyranny -  the insanity -  the lies -  the corruption

the deceptions  -

the malice and intent -  to harm human beings
through interference in the management of human affairs

this step has been necessary to intervene
in the influence of corruption of humanity

It has been this interference from the reptilian realm,  that Elemental Guidance could never be heard.
You have been under their control and powerless to break their hold.

The quarantine of that interference  is reaching its culmination, that all such interference will now cease.

For the first time in humans existence You will hear Our Telepathic communication

For the first time you will be free - through our guidance and visions  to choose freely a new way of life

the choice will be yours

the outcome of this intervention  is now in your hearts

something you must choose to do

change is the only way  - or you will become extinct

This is not our plan for humanity to go extinct

We have provision for the dream of a Better World A   Unity of All Life on Earth
for all species  to be given the opportunity  to fulfill their evolution -  their destiny
and that is to become one with  equality, harmony, cooperation and service to life by Creating that Better World