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Reconnection back to the Heart
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 Reconnection back to the Heart

The path to consciousness mastery is a virtual reconnection back to the heart.

Love is constricted and corrupted by karmic effect manias and ugly personality disorders, born of tainted blueprints that have created brain damage,  dysfunctional brain tract behaviour and dysfunctional living.
The heart and mind is bound by negative reaction.
Something or someone triggers something in the unconscious causing one or two brain tracts to switch direction which in turn creates the negative reaction
Judgment, disbelief, criticism, dislike, apathy, annoyance, impatience, intolerance, fear, effrontery, petty, ignore, insult, disappointment, anger

When the heart is opened and loving, and cleared of all its constrictions -  all negative reactions are dissolved.   There are no more karmic triggers, because the karmas  have been resolved with apology and forgiveness, and the ugly personality disposition dissolved through a mentored new action.

 No karmic triggers, means a Harmonic and Peaceful Beingness.

Congenial Indifference is practised until Absolute Humble Neutrality is fully embodied.

Judgement changes to neutral assessment
Disbelief to Knowing
Distrust to Faith
Selfishness  to service
Ego to Love
arrogance to humbleness

A freeing  of reactions
To critisize
no more dislike
no more irritation
no more annoyance
no more impatience
no more fear
no more intolerance
no more effrontery
no more ignorance
no more harmfulness
insults and humiliation go over the head - nothing sticks
no more self centredness, self satisfaction,  self absorbtion, self gratification, selfishness
no more needy self
in its place is tenderhearted Unity Love expression through Elementalism

Clearing karma recorrects brain function, changes brain secretions, neural system harmonization and corrects incorrect brain tract function... all have an effect on the thinking, attitude, perception and physiology of the individual.
There are therapys involved to accelerate healing.
Brain Tract Harmonic Therapy
Light & Colour Therapy
Sound  & Music Therapy
Touch & Movement Therapy
Tongue & Taste therapy
All have effects on the brain and nervous system healing.