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Omni Mentorship Devotion
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Omni Mentorship Absolute Devotion
We devote ourselves to you for you to devote yourself to be in Service to All Life.

Daily messaging -  Daily Omni Data Reporting   Session Attendance
Karma clearing Ugly Personality Dissolution & Consciousness Profiling
diagnosis & treatment profiling treatment processing crop circle profiling Omni Science profiling

These are the people who will be
Omni Data Reporting: Bringing forth and posting  the data for global healing, justice, victim solution,
Making treatments and trialing cures  - acting out some philanthropic action.
Free Energy planning, workshop setting up and involvement
Onder Amar Healing & Humanitarian Guild unit involvement
Arth Emissary representation
Conference & convention involvement
Arth Media Guild involvement
Sek Elvenesce Involvement and Recipiency
NAPP Planning Involvement

Onder Amar Immersion is the natural progression from Omni Mentorship Devotion.

Omni Mentorship Devotion will bring A Relief Beyond Words
The work reveals Us and the truths and promises to harmonize, heal and transform are no longer in doubt.

It is with great joy I speak these words to reveal Us, the Elementals and EnTs  and share the work through harmonization the individual can understand more fully and can adapt more readily to new concepts and techniques from Elementals & EnTs  to further open the humans  mind to higher states of Being.

Harmonization is in the Omni Mentorship Foundation work - Existential Toxicity Detoxification

Feeling relief -  can start the harmonization.
Relief will dispel resistance and disbelief
A dissonant, unbalanced field and mind, very little can be understood.

We, the Elementals are here to awaken humans and to share many many unknown truths, and to make right the distorted ones.

All truths belong to a science all sciences can be experienced in one way or another.
There are methods and techniques to prove our existance and to experience Us and Our reality.

This is very necessary to prove our existance.
 Proving something is true,  is the very basis for trust and faith, and how one can be absolute devoted to Us, and persevere with the Omni Mentorship.

When you have unshakeable, immovable faith, called  Impeccable Faith  you become  Rock solid, confident, harmless, gentle a selfless nurturer in service
There is relief that you can finally let go, and let Us make all your decisions, and give you all the right actions , for the new Service to  Life Journey with Us.   
They will be the right decisions, that will cause you to Shine.

.... and shine you will