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Creating a Better World
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There is  a wealth of information to be had from the Elemental Realms that will totally revolutionise humans existance.
Up til now humans existance has been dominated by powers that derive wealth and status to sustain other humans.  Humans have come to rely upon this dominated field.
This is to change.

The change is through Omni Mentorship to acquire  a Divine Intelligence that changes the Existential Loophole of being aware of other realms but not able to experience that awareness.
Divine because of the Purity, Completeness and Love within the realms that comprise the Natural  and Supre Natural world of Omni  Naturalism and  Elemental Holism.

Love is a very important component of Naturalism and Holism, for where there is Love there is acceptance, allowance, joy,  and these three components allow for Elemental Guide mentorship.
Where there is non love, there can be a nonacceptance of  information , and a resistance to  all the requirements to attain consciousness.
This non love and nonacceptance keeps the human in ignorance.
So it is important to address non-love issues as a priority.

The second issue is Freedom.
Humans have become needy and reliant.   
Humans no longer know how to be self-governing,  because the powers that be will crush and deflate, through an extreme over-governance.
This will change.

At first this change maynot feel like freedom at all.  Quite the reverse will be felt.
The requirement to be part of a Community
The requirement to have a Daily Communing Practise
The requirement to be dependant upon this Communing Practise, and to take all direction from it.
The requirement to clear karma and Ugly Personality characteristics, to give emotional stability and love.

All this will not feel like Freedom.

But it all is HOW one attains Freedom.

The Golden Age is about the Elementals having the reins.
It is not about rigid control, but about a Loving Support System, to guide each and every human into a better way of doing things – a better way of thinking, and a better way of living.
The joy will be profound as each human will be taken to their passions of creativity, in areas they may not have even known there would be creativity or passion to be had – but there will be.

Every Elemental Guide knows their human counterpart very well,  and will be striving to balance the difficult  initial foray into Universal Naturalism .
For it will be difficult at first, because Universal Naturalism is Unity, Community and Oneness. 
No single entity, not being the lone one to have all the information.
The information is given to everyone in the Community for a collaboration to happen to pull the ‘whole information’ together.

This is where karma and  pattern removal must be an important part of the Communities activities – for without these karmas and patterns removed, everyone will be just as selfish, self-centred, envious, and put- upon as they were before,  and the community cannot survive with such disresonance.

The better way of doing things involves many other realms.  With conscious awareness of the entire whole, the operation or task becomes profoundly more interesting.  Honor and Joy is felt instead of drudge and impatience to finish.

Not everything in the Community will be community involvement.
Each member of the Community will be led to their own special gifts,  own special creative passions, and their  own Stewardship tasks.

Seeing and feeling  the purity, wholeness and completeness in others, and knowing you had a part to play in their, and your own  Divinity and Wholeness,  is Sacred Fulfillment in action.
Freeing self and others from karmic turmoil and madness

Sacred Fulfilment - A Completion Tone worth striving for –
it is the key for the individual to create a better world.