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Earth is Shifting to a New Galaxy
The shift will be done by mega large Excelsior Elementals.
It will take 2 weeks and will start March 2020.
Earth will shift down on a 14 degree sunwards vector the length  of the shift will cause Earth to be the same distance from the sun as Neptunes distance from the sun.

The shift will allow for full magnetization of the planet to  facilitate its Ascension to become a sun, and  the evolution of the planets that will join Earth.
The new galaxy will be so, when Arths Ignition ordination occurs, approx 200 years from now.

Global Warming is the start of Earths Ascension.

As Earth becomes too hot for human habitation, approximately 150  years time,   humans and many other species,  will relocate to the other planets that have joined the Arth  galaxy.
Venus, Io, Callisto, Maldek (earths moon), Thalia (presently in a black hole), and Shiva (Nibiru).

These are the pastlife homeworlds of many Earth humans, with a lot of stewardship work to be done, for their reformation and healing.  It will be in the individuals  Omni Mentorship Stewardship tasks these revelations will make themselves clear, and how to proceed to heal these planets and many others throughout the Universe,  that need healing.  Such is the nature of humans pastlife harmfulness.   

There are many other new truths to be shared with humanity..
In fact, an extraordinary and staggering  amount of new and unknown material, to bring every human up to speed on The Chronicles of Life itself.

It is desired that every human take advantage of new communication methods to commune with the ethereal Life Creator Elementals and understand the new paradigm starting on Earth, called Elementalism.
There will be detailed New Arth Preparation Protocols presented world wide, for all citizens to be fully involved and excitedly prepared for  this miraculous event.