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Change is the Only Way
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 Change is the Only Way

We are here to give you the Truths and Actions on how to change, yourself and your reality.

We are here for the transformation of the Earth
To bring forth the information to reform integrity back into all life
Starting with the honour and integrity of the humans mind, body and spirit

We will assist you all to transform yourselves, to complete what has never been done
by any human being.
The transcendence of ego, arrogance, ignorance  and stupidity
To another path of Absolute Truth, Absolute Love and Oneness with All Life.

It is to be in service to all life, and to do so with our guidance

What you are about to see is the beginning of the transformation of the Universe itself

We have come to fulfill the dream of the heart of every human being
to be freed from  the tyranny -  the insanity -  the lies -  the corruption - the deceptions  - the malice and intent -  to harm human beings
through the reptilian-elite interference in the management of human affairs

We are now presenting Elementalism and the Omni Council intervention,  as an overriding governance of Earth.

This step has been necessary to intervene because of the corrupted influence of humanity is so profound,
no one can extricate themselves without our nurturing step by step guidance.

For the first time you will be free, through our guidance and visions,  to choose Elementalism

The choice will be yours, the outcome of this intervention  is now in your hearts
something you must choose to do
change is the only way

We have provision for  All Life on Earth, for all species,  to be given the opportunity  to fulfill  their evolution and their destiny
and that is to become one with all equality, harmony, cooperation and service to life, through Elementalism.

Elementalism is having an Elemental Omnipresence in the thoughts, mind, heart, actions - in the life of every individual.

Ancient Elementals  all here to assist every individual to awaken to a new journey and path of Elementalism by  loving, nurturing  guidance.
To heal, transform, and ultimately  transcend the 3rd dimension, by building an Fremin  Lightbody, that will supercede the physical form.

All in one lifetime.

Our Way will be new for humans.
Our Way is Tenderhearted Unity Love Consciousness and Being
Our Way will transform and Evolve you.

It is time for Humans maturation  and transcendence -   and it begins with You immersed in Elementalism  – being guided by Us, to your Divine Magnificence.

There will be  work to do,  to be immersed in Us, and us immersed in you, to  transform the self .. and stay on the path.
It will not always be easy – in fact it may well be the hardest thing you have ever done – but the purpose fulfilment in Life, the peaceful, harmonic existance, the new humble joy in service will be way more than you have ever experienced.

The work entails a daily disciplined regime of receiving truths from Us - using words and pictures .

The discipline requires a dependence on the messaging.
For you to be a  Beloved  Conduit, in Service to Life,  through Our daily guidance.

Conduitism is a new technique for Us to speak through a human.
It starts with the messaging system in the Omni Mentorship.

There is immense healing of the brain and expansion of the intellect in messaging and conduitism focus.

Karma clearing information is the main introduction to the Omni Council Mentorship… as it is the single, only way,  to consciousness and  transformation.

The Omni Council Mentorship is an all day, everyday regime.

We mentor you to clear your karma, and give you new corrective actions, which dissolve Ugly Personality characteristics that cause brain damage and psychological disturbance.
We show you how to embody consciousness , and how to magnify it  to accelerate your growth.
We supply opportunities for participating conduitism  -  this is the tool We desire for truth streaming.
You become the conduit for such truth streaming.
I say streaming, because that is what it is – once connected,  there is no time in any day when you cannot receive information from a team of alternating Elementals.

We have created an array of web links to make public the truths you receive, that will benefit all humanity.

We diagnose through the human conduit.  There is no medical education required.
We mentor the precise diagnosis,  treatment formulas, medicines and therapys.
We mentor new Foraging and procuring techniques.

There are opportunities for mentored representation, mentored  healing and mentored humanitarianism.
enacting service and stewardship roles that will heal all life.
Applying  new sciences  through mentored crop circle interpreting, that will cause you to experience Us, and Our World.
A very exciting prospect indeed.

We ask you to  let Us be your focus for awhile, so you can truly understand the magnitude of You being the crucible for change and transformation, with Our Guidance.