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Revolutionary Truths - dissolving the psychotic, toxic ego
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Revolutionary Truths  - Dissolving  the psychotic, toxic ego.

Truth is revolutionary.

Truth is inconvenient to the ego

Absolute Truth is painful, extremely painful to egos who do not want to
face up to their shame and guilt of being harmful to others, life itself,
even their own existence

egos constantly lie as they have no way to know what they don't know

egos are the outcome of incorrectly believing you can separate from
unity love

by definition always separated from wholeness egos end up seeking self
realisation, self gratification of their own self centredness

perceptual separation from the wholeness of unity love is ignorance

perceptual separation is incomplete knowing

incomplete knowing creates untruths

untruths are often manic psychotic claims of knowing truth

in truth untruths are just an ego convenience to avoid existential
fear of  having no control, having no certainty, fear of unknown

their perception of the unknown being potentially hostile
just like their own unconscious beliefs about life

you live what you believe -  is the karmic patterning running you

worth noting ALL karma is harmful because it is all unconsciously
based on fear of not surviving

ego is fundamently built of incomplete knowing  and untruths 

ego has become toxic and psychotic

waking up to this Truth is the beginning of restoring unity love
ego lives in constant existential crisis - egos very existence is a
psychotic delusion

self delusional maintained by lying to itself

lying is endemic in ALL EGOS

In egos perceptual separation from unity there can be no Absolute Truth

ego is always a compromise, an untruth, a lie

ego claiming to know the truth is its psychotc delusion

ego is self centred even in its attempt at altruism
Truth is about exposing all the lies, the untruths passed off
by ego as reality.

this is one reason why those in power cynically, curruptingly and 
routinely lie to populations they are supposed to serve - those in
power don't want a revolution they want to hold onto power by
any means - it is a lying culture of big lies compounding into more
and more deceits

politics is about lying - it is compromised before it starts - it passes
laws contaminated by self serving lies

revolutions are the karmic return of dispossessed people stripped
of their truth can take no more seek to destroy what governs them
into misery

those in control perceive it as a threat to their ongoing control -
the endlessly unconscious karmic cycle

solution  - honesty with compassion and vulnerable forgiveness and
apology may begin to awaken the natural human response of shame
and guilt at the truth being so quietly, gently persistently exposed
through humblenes of being so vulnerable - it only works when
orchestrated by Elemental guidance for the right timing and words to
flow to the perpetrators through open hearted conduitism

clearing the karma that leads to harmfulness is now possible to do this
for others if enough karma has been personally cleared by yourself
working with communing visions/words telepathy with Elemental
guidance is the new evolving karma clearing process