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Critical States
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The human being Is now at their Existential Nadir, through extreme states of ignorance, greed and harmfulness. 

The Earth human majority, through ignorance, is helpless and is forced  to adhere to  the outrageous rule of the  anti-life minority elite,  creating fear to manipulate  events and outcomes to control and kill.
Worse for those aware but not able to fix ,  and those trying to adhere to a moral and ethical code in the face of immorality and unethical.

Citizens have become unsafe
Citizens are being forced to kill themselves
Citizens have been forced to disempower themselves
Citizens are forced to elect people who are not suited or fit to govern
Citizens have no recourse to justice
Citizens do not know how to heal themselves
Citizens have had their intuition intelligence disabled

Earth humans are now in an extinction cycle

The only way out, is an equally critical connection with the Elemental & EnT Omni Council, using their various tools to receive messages for the actions that will heal, clear all ignorance, harmfulness, to evolve the Earth fully.
To end all warfare, all greed, all starvation.
The dismantling of governments and armys

To evolve the Earth, humans will be mentored to states of dedication and devotion to Omni Council Mentorship, Service and Deliverance.