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New Galaxy - New Galactic Stewardship
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New Galaxy - New Galactic Stewardship

New Truths Conveyance will bring forth a staggering amount of information in relation to what it means
to be a Human, the Human Steward Mandate and ones place in the multi dimensional multiversal Universe.

The more conscious, the more humble, the more neutral tenderheartedness will open each individual to higher plateaus of understanding, awareness and beingness.

Earths shift begins a new era for Earth and the other planets joining her.
The new galaxy begins on Earths (Arths) solar ignition ordination, three  hundred years from now.
Due to the new Human Blueprint, humans will be living extraordinary long lives.
An exciting time awaits all  - both human and other species, also awaiting new blueprints for their transformation and ascension.
Along the way, bird and animal species will also have a role, in many communities.
It will be Humans Stewardship to welcome these new species.

There will be important stewardship work for the other planets joining Earth -  Io, Atari (Venus), Nibiru, Callisto, Thalia, also stewardship work in regards to Earth.  All humans have karmas to clear with planets.
This work must start before the shift.
There is also Galactical Stewardship work in relation to the other planets in this galaxy - that also need Earth humans attention.

All stewarding work is through the Omni Mentorship.
And all the higher plateaus of being, and more deeper and profound levels of multiverse experience, which is to commune with the Galaxy itself,  are through Onder Amar Elementalism Immersion.