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New Arth Online Presentation Involvement XXX
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New Arth Online Presentation Involvement

Global Healing & Humanitarian Responsibility
step by by step into the omni mentorship - at first with basic elemental diagnosing, session & comnahm schem experience - then into the advanced work that will steer every person into involvement in Onder Amar Global Healing & Humanitarian Guild

Elementalism Education
Elementalism  is the 'cure all' for everything that is wrong in this world.  It is the way through disease and mental illness, crime and criminal intention transformation, aging and aged care transformation, and a new education for children that will include their Elemental Guide.

NAPP Embrionic Planning
New Arth Preparation Plan Planning revolves around
Free Energy Availability -  Holistic Energy & Power
Sek Elvenesce construction
Elementalism Reality