Author Topic: The GeoldRahn Consciousness Wave - EnT through Tree


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The GeoldRahn Consciousness Wave - EnT through Tree
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EnTs are the creation and maintenance factor for species existance on a planet.
They are massive Elemental serpants that are connected to the core of a planet radiating outwards.
EnTs create atmosphere, gravity and oxygen.

Humans ignorance is diminishing EnTs capabilities to maintain this planets integrity.
Through the decimation of forests on this planet the atmospheric levels are changing.

To have consciousness, is to know EnT.

It is time to know EnT as they truly are.  The factor that keeps species alive on this planet.
It is through the presence of Tree, humanity is able to maintain Harmonic States of Being until the consciousness work is done to achieve this for oneself.

It is time to re-forest the Earth

The energy of a tree has a field, this field from many trees creates a wave, called the GeoldRahn Consciousness Wave.
Tree connects and maintains the consciousness wave.
As a person raises their own consciousness they too, connect to the wave.
Where there are no trees, there is no GeoldRahn Consciousness Wave.

Connecting to the Wave has an effect on the Thalamus.

One can  connect to a physical tree - or by imagery called EnTmerge

Entmerge is an imaginary portal-communication tool with EnT.  One imagines a tree with three
vertical  doors and consecutively goes into each door.
The top door is the Threshold door you will be given a telepathic message.
The middle door is the Beachhead door you will be given visions
The lower door is the Consolidation door a combination of vision and telepathy to give full understanding to the other two doors.