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Elemental Council Service Platforms
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Elemental  Council Service Platforms

OmCo & MagTor Judicial Nahwahn Group
Initiating legal proceedings against unrepentant guilty perpetrators for victim restitution and compensation.
Legal Representation on behalf of the innocent victim/s,  against the guilty.

Magorial Tor Temporary Indicment
Magorial Tor Temporary Indictment for Truths &  Justice Deliverance Portfolio & Representation
Magorial Tor Temporary  Government Impeachment for Truths & Justice Deliverance Portfolio
Magorial Tor Temporary Government Impeachment for a  Prostituted Government
Magorial Tor Investigation Announcement for Truths & Justice  Reconciliation and Restitution Deliverance
Magorial Tor Truth for Justice and Restitution  Revelations

Legal Presentations of wrongdoing,  on behalf of the innocent victim/s,  against the guilty.

Uni Ve  Healing and Humanitarian Guild involvement
* Healing & Wellbeing Centres
* Sek Elvenesce Community Centre
* Youth JabbaKa
* Elemental Technical Institution
* ent Sanctuary

Reporting Service
Elemental  Council Breaking News

Crime & Wrongdoing

Warning & Danger

Nibiru Infoblog

Enviro Epsilom

Elemental & EnT Omni Council


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