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There is great healing of the brain in giving, generosity, gratitude and service.
Especially in those who are not generally generous or giving.

It will take philanthropic generosity to kickstart all the opportunities in place for global healing, global humanitarianship & service, devoted mentorship, free energy workshop undertaking, Sek Elvenesce, Divine Supre Natural Community setups, which in truth is initiating the New Golden Age.

Government & Elite funding will be inevitable, especially when it is obvious Omni Council Governance and representation is changing the way things are for the better.
For many governments, this will take time - in the meantime the Omni Council is relying on philanthropic generosity.

To those who are naturally generous and charitable  -  Omni Council urgently needs funds to initiate all the opportunities to make as many individuals as possible, including yourself,  selfless Omni Council devoted representatives, precise & fluid conduits, expert exponents of the Omni Mentorship.
We invite you to partake of all that is freely  available for healing, conduitism, consciousness - for a new Human Blueprint.

To those who are not able to be generous or charitable, (through the karmic effect) We invite you  to Trial Cures for the Incurable and Mentally Ill - either for self, loved ones, family and friends.  Thereby resolving the karma that has caused selfish and uncharitable nature.
Allow Us to show you our knowledge of human healing, and our ability to heal everything
To allow you to show extreme generosity for your gratitude in the healing.

Whether it be a physical or mental condition
or a sad or bad relationship dysfunction that you would like to heal  (which is karma).



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Media Works
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*  New Arth - New Truths -   Presentation costs
*  Omni site beautification/professional makeover
*  Elemental Solutions forum site for teaching Elementalism - professional undertaking
*  Omni Science site and forum -  professional undertaking
*  Argen'Arth -  omni science magazine
*  HelmsPeople - newspaper
*  Elemental Spotlight - newsletter 
*  Recording Studio
*  Video
*  Therapy Works - mental and emotional healing/sexually abused child  (CD's, vids)