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Elementalism & Elemental Guidance
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Elementalism & Elemental Guidance

Elemental's inspiration is a about doing service to life

Elemental's inspiration is about embracing Truth not evading or denying Truth

Elemental's inspiration is to sense for yourselves through very personal contact with them,  exactly what has kept you bound and attached to untruths promoted by the elite

Elementalism is the process of guided Elemental  nurturing governance by  telepathy,  vision,  sensing, feeling, intuiting, body and mind felt  knowingness - a return to your own heart sense of who you really are and your place in the community of cooperation, compassion and accelerated evolution - bringing to an end the inertia and stagnation human evolution has been in for millions of years

It is highly personal not an elitist institution -it is your own freed up, finally made conscious mind,  that you can choose better solutions the Elementals reveal

This is  the key, allowing the Elementals to inspire consciousness and service to life.
 For you  to be conscious, and see for yourself just how ugly the elitist insanity controls your life decisions until this truth is acknowledged -   you will not feel the need to end the pattern of  agreeing to their insanity

To  finally witness the Truth exposed by Elemental conscious intervention - you will not be able to correctly choose new  life sustaining actions, align and change yourself to become harmless to life - your own ego will defy Elementals,  out of fear and ignorance as they have been corrupted by the elitist egotism to aspire to insatiable desires be ambitious at any cost to others and life - all unsustainable values and attitudes to do harm