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New Spiritual Guidance
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New Spiritual Guidance

The New Spiritual Guidance is through a  new awareness and perceptible tangible cognizance of Omnipresence.
The new awareness is through New Truth presentations of the Omni realms existance.
And the perceptible tangible cognizance is through experiencing the Omni realms communication methods,
and the healing & service direction in the Omni Mentorship messaging.

Elemental Guidance has  always been available, unfortunately,  just not in this new  intense form of availability happening right now on Earth for every human.

This new availability allows for an extreme infusion of Elementalism and Elemental Guidance.

If the human allows, accepts and surrenders to this infusion of Guidance and mentorship, they are then   immersed, physically, mentally and emotionally, in Elemental Signatures, of Unity Love and Service.

Allowing themselves to be mentored to a magnificent, non harmful, non fearful, absolute humble  loving self. 

It is time to heal, embody consciousness and evolve
and this can only happen through a very action oriented Omnipotent Spiritual Guidance.