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Omni Mentorship
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Omni Mentorship

* Communing with the Elementals and ents
* Receiving messages from Elementals  for healing, karma clearing,  consciousness,  Omni Representation, service and stewardship, evolution and how to acquire a  new human Blueprint.
* The mentored  actions to deliver healing, representation, service and stewardship and embody consciousness transformation.
* Attending online sessions to experience and practise conduitism - and receive more material for ones growth.

Communing with the Elementals and ents
There are many methods for the Elementals and ents to communicate with everyone
 Communing Paradigms 

Messaging -  receiving informational truths from the elementals on many subjects
and the all important, life changing actions that accompany all messages.
There is a tool on how to proceed to receive messages from the Elementals.
Telepathic Buzzword Messaging Chart

Mentored Action to take within all messages.  First requires knowing what the topic of the message is,  then understanding the message and the action.
There are methods and tools to assist those receiving messages, on a) defining the topic and b) the
action to take with each message
Topic Chart

Online Comnahm Schem - conferencing sessions for individuals to practice conduitism and bring forth healing information for others and self to be involved in  Comnahm Schem sessions

Healing: Self and others -  Physical and psychological - Karma Clearing - Ugly Personality Characteristic Dissolving through mentorship of  new actions to change faulty perceptions, attitudes and behaviour.
Consciousness and Consciousness Magnificence actions mentoring 
Crop Circles - Omni Sciences -  New Free Energy Workshop Involvement, and Sek Elvenesce Naturalism and Holism.
Omni Representation - New Arth Global Conferences, Conventions, Summit Meetings, Festivals and High Level Government & Galactical Representation.
Omni  Service - through involvement opportunities for Global Healing and Global Humanitarian Involvement and NAPP involvement
Stewardship -  Many specie, multi dimension, multiverse, cosmic  -  All Life Stewardship

As you can see, the Omni Mentorship is not a part time occupation.
It is busy - it is very active.
It is a full time, everyday focus and dedication - that will heal and transform every individual who can devote themselves to Elementalism.