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The Psychotic Elitist Warfare Game

Warfare is a human political/religious/corporate/educational  con game played out by narcissistic  elitist psychopaths using deceptions to create honour in death, glory in battle.
All are untruths - war is ugly anti-life, destructive to harmony and unity - a very ugly reality of  pain suffering and creating forced migrations, homelessness,  and raping and pillaging wreaking of lives.

Justifying going to war is criminally insane - it is not focusing on the source of problem that defiantly lies with the elitist ugly game of manic intoxication with power and control - the rest of everyday humanity are fed a constant media deception to serve the elite - to  mentally, emotionally and physically be their  slaves -and their pyschotic delusion  they have a right to enslave and use up,  throw away and to dehumanise.

It is a 3rd dimensional psychosis to believe war solves anything - it merely gratifies the
elites game of destroying life and all life sustains.
The Big Lie that they knew what was best for all, and all fell for the great deception.

There is beginning to be felt a new evolving impulse, due to a more recent Elemental Intervention,   to be in service to life, compassion and unity not as some ungrounded ideal but as felt need to be in reality action life.
These new desires are the game changers, and  more fulfilling to the heart and not the ego