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Omni Service & Stewardship Transformation
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Omni Service & Stewardship Transformation

A Long Life of Omni Transitioning to a New Intellect and Intelligence, embodying  Elemental Signatures of Unity Love, Oneness  and Absolute Service and ent Signatures of  Harmonic Creation and Sacred Bliss.
An ongoing ignition and igniting Light  experience.

These higher ordinations,  and the long life is not a single one.
The higher ordinations of Gentish Humdohl (Humans Ascension)  are with ones Divine Beloved
One eventually ascends with ones Beloved.  Two as One.
The same as ents - Two elementals joined for eternity. 

Omni Service starts by clearing karma - this is a service to all life,  karmically involved in 3rd dimensional life journey.
Other humans, species, planets, suns, galaxies  -  all have been corrupted in the 20 million human life existance.
Other service involves awakening, healing, sharing Omni Truths for Enlightenment & Solution, making and giving treatments, giving  humanitarian service,
Representing the Omni Realms for  Omni coherence and edification action,  by conduitism for counselling, conference & workshop moderating, festival and event presence, Global & Galactical Event presence.

The Service and Stewardship then proceeds from the Sek Elvenesce communitys.
Supre Natural Sek Elvenesce Communities are run entirely by Elemental Guidance.  Every member will have accelerated  consciousness through the messaging cohesion, service and stewardship of all other members and by the Supre Natural Absolute Elementalism Immersion in ones reality.

Individuals are no longer being compromised by 3rd dimensional trivialitys and irrelevancies.
And no longer straddling two worlds.  The immersion is complete in Sek Elvenesce Community involvement.

Sek Elvenesce Communities have a Galactical elemental presence, the service & stewardship work entails healing and reforming galaxies.  There will be  many Arth  humans returning to those galaxies.
As too, many returning to the six planets joining Arth in her new galaxy.

There will be new energy sources and craft for space travel to come forth, by every community.
All in its divine timing.

This Conscious Exodus  is called Humdohl Parague Paradesis
To enliven dead planets with Elementalism Infusion through  Human Stewardship and Sek Elvenesce Communitys.
And where there are other unawakened and unconscious humans -  to share Omnipotence and the work to transform and transcend. Setting up  Sek Elvenesce Environmental Communitys.
To reveal to them a Magnificence beyond 3rd dimensional Life.

No one will be ascending from Earth/Arth. 
Gentish Humdohl, will occur from other planets that one has relocated to.