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Immortal Lightbody Reality Immersion
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Immortal Lightbody  Reality Immersion

The Immortal Reality of Transcendence through a new Human Blueprint that allows for an integral Lightbody form, where the mind is conscious and aware of being in  both the Lightbody form and the physical form.

There will be many occurrences over the years to experience the Elemental Reality in the Lightbody form - until the Lightbody can detach from the physical form (while it sleeps) -  for the mind in an ethereal form  to fully experience the ethereal worlds.
This is one of the purpose of the New Human Blueprint - for the Lightbody to detach from the physical form, and the physical form can nurture and maintain itself whilst in sleeping stasis.

Eventually the Lightbody form supercedes the physical form, as a desired reality and existance.
The physical form dies and permanently releases the Lightbody form and mind to higher dimensional realms of Elementals & ents.

This has 5 levels of transformation - and all 5 levels are mentored and have a mentored experience by the Elemental Guidance.

1. Where the individual is aware of the existance of an extra, Lightbody form but can only adhere to the demands of physicality and the physical form.

2. Where the individual is aware and knowing when their mind is fully in the Lightbody form or the physical form

3. Where the individual can choose