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Time to Shine
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Time To Shine

we are your Elemental guidance
with us guiding you to clear karma with others and Nature
you become peaceful, open hearted conduit
a clear consciousness, emptiness of beingness,
insignificant, humble,  just a witness

Elemental guidance -we provide the words and visions
you do the actions as the physical body interacts with
others and Nature
all orchestrated to bring about  step by step evolutionary transformation

in this mutual cooperation our mentorship guidance from us
naturally and peacefully brings you into harmony and alignment 
with a new freedom of conscious service to life service
we share and cooperate in doing  so  - great changes start to happen

the more you let us immerse you in our consciousness
the more you are perceived to shine with your true purpose
to serve life and be in stewardship nurturing healing to all lfe

you are learning to be egoless service -pure impeccable Truth
with us and flow with us to be fully unified Love and Truth