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Urgent Funding
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Actions suggested by Elementals - no failure, no compromise, only success
Purpose Fulfilment -  fulfilled by ones magnificence
Absolute Joy of Living -  for the very first time in humans existance.  Every day, being more than you were the day before - a continual rise in light and vibration, that effects every single thing.

Urgent Funding is needed to initiate and run Holistic Energy Workshops
Workshop space,
Tools &  Equipment,
Messaging Sponsership

Those interested are going to have to learn the Elemental messaging system in the Omni Mentorship, this is how all the information on the planning, construction and testing is brought through. 
Not by one person, but by many. 
There are many who would like to be involved but family responsibilities, may prevent this involvement.
It is desired to resolve non-involvement through financial backing. 

The world needs free energy right now.
 It is here, it is available,  it just requires a few things to get it all moving.
* A central technical database for all data to be available : HelmsPeople Forum
* Online Workshop Facility:  Omni Council youtube/Free Energy sessions  (where the participants become conduits for Elemental information to come forth)
*  capable persons willing to bring into existance our instructions. 

Urgent Funding is needed for Messaging Devotion Sponserships
the discipline is a 24/7 devoted activity to bring forth solutions for humanity.
Without this very special devotion, the work will not have correct continuity, therefore the work will not be understood, and the critical actions in each message will not be done.

Messaging, clearing karma, online session attendance, global healing involvement, global humanitarian involvement, (which can also mean making treatments for others),  worshop attendance, conference representation.

Urgent Funding is needed for Funded Sek Elvenesce Communitys

Tent Communitys -On site, to start the water and agriculture by absolute  Elemental Guidance - with added assistance from Arth Emissarys.
The dome/minaret shape bio plastic houses have yet to be fully planned and developed.

Selected familys and groups will be invited to inaugerate these totally funded communities.

Those in the Sek Elvenesce Recepient Register, will be guided to register on the HelmsPeople forum, and start participating in Omni Mentorship online sessions.

HelmsPeople forum is a data base for plans, pertinent crop circles  and information, with the addition of networking amongst member. 
There will be a category for each Community formed, to post diary notes.
Even though the first part of each community will first be a cluster - with room left in the planning for the rest of the community to develop
An Elvenesce Cluster is a group of four round bio houses for accomodation, with a central fermentation house.  Each house has its own waste management and energy supply constructs.
There are three clusters to a Sek Elvenesce Community.

Urgent Funding is needed for Global Healing & Humanitarianship
Global Healing and Humanitarianship is through Onder Amar Global Healing & Humanitarian Guild.   
A fully funded, voluntary , non political, non religion,  multi-unit, charity operation to facilitate Omni Mentorhsip, healing, consciousness, and a new human blueprint.

The units are manned to give out Omni Council and New Arth  information, newsletters, online session availability,  Omni Mentorship manual and the very necessary  Comnahm Schem  and conduitism experience.

These centres are opportunities for awakening, healing and consciousness growth.
One need not be an expert in the messaging system or the mentorship to be a catalyst for anothers awakening.
It is through the managing experience, growth occurs in the self.

* Onder Amar Healing & Wellbeing Centres
Where one can experience  Comnahm Schem, Conduitism, Online Session Involvement,  Foundation Messaging, Karma Clearing, Elemental Diagnosing.

* Omni Council Youth JabbaKa
Where youths can experience Comnahm Schem, conduitism, Elemental Diagnosing and NAPP involvement

* Sek Elvenesce Community Welfare Centres

* ent Sanctuarys
These are setup for Absolute Healing Therapys, Sacred Purification and Omin Tra Accelerated Consciousness Programme.