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Sek Elvenesce Recipient Registry
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Sek Elvenesce Absolute Elemental Guided Supre Natural Communites.

We invite you to read about the new Sek Elvenesce Supre Natural Community
on HelmsPeople Forum -
and then register your interest in being a recipient  here
and to begin participating in Sek Elvenesce Workshops.

All new concepts -  all new living experience -  to evolve 3rd dimensional Life.

A Sek Elvenesce Community is a fully  communal effort taking direction from Elementals.
This is how Sek Elvenesce will be an incredible and amazing experience.  From the very young to the elderly.  Everyone has a valuable role to play in the success of a Sek Elvenesce.

The Elementals have the entire plan for every community and for each individual.
Everything will be new, and a lot unfamiliar - Elemental Guidance must always be saught in how to proceed.

When a human is taking absolute direction from ones Elemental Guide, there are no mistakes.
Nothing goes wrong.  Everything is in its right order.  A sense of achievement and success is always there.
When there is group interaction and taking direction from Elementals,  as there will be in a Sek Elvenesce -  the success and achievement is multiplied, and shared.

One cannot take direction one day, then do their own thing the next.  One must surrender fully to the wisdom and truths of Elemental Guidance.