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Will Bring You Home

Its not easy
It may well be the hardest thing you have ever done.
But We can say without a doubt, it WILL be the most rewarding, fulfilling, joyous thing you have ever embarked upon.  The Adventure of All Lifetimes.
To finally know Truth of Life in its Absoluteness and Beauty.  When the individual learns to commune with Us, and do the courageous, and often exhausting, work to stay in alignment and 'in the zone' - Being aligned, by understanding Our Signatures.  This exponential growth in Spiritual Maturity, the exhaustion decreases as the Excitement of the flow takes over - You are Coming Home to Us.

In no time in any humans life, has there been this level of intense infusion of Elementals and special constructs and infusions for Us to intervene and communicate.
The difficulty lies in the unbalanced disresonant field.  Due to disresonant attitudes, behaviour, ego and ugly personality characteristics - some from the karmic effect, some from lineage/blueprint malfunctions, and some from conditioning -  all of which has started a DNA disintegration process.

Communing in all its forms - WILL TAKE PRACTISE -  WILL TAKE INTENSE FOCUS - WILL TAKE ALL YOUR TIME - WILL TAKE A DEDICATION & DEVOTION (you initially may think you are incapable of - allow Us to change that point of view).

The Communing will bring forth work to further more Communing, more deeper levels of communing.
Your world will change through this deeper and more profound knowledge that All Nature is communing with humans, in one form or another..  It becomes your responsibility, and obligation, to listen/observe/wait/feel.
There is a lot riding on your dedicated ability to understand, and report/share the information.
The information is for All.  The small increments of knowledge are shared, thus quickly.  This is why there are platforms created for sharing.  Everyone can move along more quickly

Learning to Commune with Us, is the first step to Harmonization - of the brain, brain functions, brain tract corrections, frontal lobe harmonization starts a new limbic system based on having and living Truth
(see Truth Revelations - The Brain & Nervous System Healing)

Momentum and Acceleration of Consciousness is through Communing
Being One With Us Always