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We welcome you Home
to Us

Consciousness Embodiment is a Dimensional Shift for Humanity.

Expanding into Our Realms is a very Intensive Process
First comes Awareness:  the immensity and profoundness of Life and the non-physical  Realities, and how All Life is communicating and interacting.
How All Life Communes and Communicates Awareness and being actively involved in communication through the new Communing tools.

communing and messaging
for the karma information and  clearing work to embody consciousness and dissolve the impediments to communing
the ego and ugly personality dissolution to embody higher consciousness and Elemental Signatures,
which accelerates
An elevated Beingness and a more profound communing/brain transformation/Oneness Divinity re Genesis  (New Blueprint)
which reforms and transforms
new awarenesses and abilities - multi dimensionalism transformation.

The  transformational experiences with Us, to Be with Us, A Homecoming We have long waited for