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Examination, Consultancy, Creation, Direction and Production of all means of media,  promoting Dual Human & Elemental Involvement for the Elementalized Human for a New Governance of Earth progressing Transformational  Involvement in  Elementalism, Elemental Truths, Humanism, Global Healing, Consciousness and Evolution.

The primary aim of all media is to get every individual involved and pro active using all the orgs and platforms for service deliverance -  in Unifying & Healing  Earth and its species, whilst fully engaged in  Elementalism and Absolute Service through an intense, profoundly rewarding and Life Changing Communing & Communicating experience with Elementals

Internet Operating Organisation

United World Web Creation – for a full and absolute expansion of the specialized components, networking, alliances  and total citizen involvement and participation of the United World Council  networking  and Evolution progression.

Websites  with  Supporting Media for Education, Training, Service & Representation

United World – full involvement parameters
A United World Council of Citizens - For a Global  all citizen involvement
A super large site for Healing, Humanitarianism, Networking, Service Requisition, Service Deliverance.
Conferences – Workshops – Community
News Services  - Exposures & Disclosures –
Updates on Trialling : Incurable & Mental Illness,  Sek Elvenesce Community Construction,  Free Energy Emergence, Philanthropy
Updates on resistances and sabotage 
EarthShift – Problems – Warning & Danger – Crime & Wrongdoing –

Elemental  - full involvement parameters
A  high profile website of information, service & representation -  service action links – conferences & conventions info & registration involvement links.
Basic unfinished work is online

United World -  full involvement parameters
Uni Ve Healing & Humanitarian Inc
Networking Forum
Conferences – Workshops - Sessions
United World Council link

United World – full involvement parameters
Setting up

Elemental  – a news network & broadcasting site
Full involvement parameters
Giving up to date news and explanations on  New Truths - Elementalism – Critical States – Truth Disclosures – Crime & Wrongdoing – Warning & Danger – New Truths for Cures & Healing – Trialing Updates -  Evolution updates – Shift Updates
Articles and vids with accompanying info for individual involvement and spiritual growth. – full Involvement parameters
Past – present – futures
Karma alignment
NAP - Earth shift involvement

Evolution – full involvement parameters
Humans Evolution Template & Network
Education & Training site with downloadable Workbook and session info:  Connection, Communing, Elemental & ent Mentorship, Daily Messaging, Profiling, Comnahm Schem, Training & Conduitism Sessions, Conference Involvement,Presentation/event involvement, Uni Ve Healing & Humanitarian Inc Involvement, Karma Clearing/Ego & Ugly personality characteristic Dissolution, Consciousness, Absolute Service & Stewardship, Crop Circle, Sek Elvenesce Supre Naturalism embodiment, Multi Uni Ve


Data Reporting Blogs
Beautification and finishing already created work
Reporting & Service Blogs have been created for initiates to share their messages, and for others imput to expand the knowledge for full understanding.
Tree Talk
Cloud Speak
Elemental Data   
Enviro Epsilom
Warning & Danger
Crime & WrongDoing
Nibiru Report
Trialing Data Blog – Success Updates

Tutorial Blogs
Uni Ve Healing & Humanitarian Inc Setup Tutorial
•   Elemental Healing & Humanitarian Service 
•   Youth JabbaKa   
•   Sek Elvenesce Community Welfare
•   Uni Ve Technical & Science Institute
•   Sacred ent Sanctuary  - Purification & Consciousness Acceleration
Elemental Solutions Service & Representation Tutorial
Trialing Solutions Registry – Underage Justice & Protection Agency Alliance Setup - Victim Solution Network undertaking  – feed  media setup – Data Reporting Blog setup –

NAP Involvement Tutorial
Event Setup – All Workshop Registration – All Conference Registration -  NAP Update Involvement

Forums -  Workshops, Action & Involvement Network

Elemental News forum
An attached site to Elemental News, for individuals involvement,  action & service knowhow 
•   Data Reporting Workshop
•   Trialing Solutions Workshop

Elemental Solutions Forum – for adults and children
A basic Elemental Guidance  training forum with moving graphics – keeping things as simple as possible.
•   Messaging & Chart Use Workshop
•   Conduitism Session & Conference Involvement  Workshop

Elemental Energy Workshop
•   Free Energy Planning & Plan Making  Workshop 
•   Elements & Their Science Workshop
•   BioMaterial Construction Workshop
•   Construction Workshop

NAP Taskforcing Workshop
Sek Elvenesce

Absolute Sciences Education


Computer Programmes
All computer programmes are for human interaction.
All Computer programmes allow for Elemental Intervention and manipulation, which can only be experienced through a sincere application and exploration.

* Karma & Ego  App
* Absolute Communing App
* Consciousness App
* Bio Botanical App
* Messaging App -  A ReProgramming of googles ‘santa tracker’

Karma, Ego & Ugliness Dissolution  App
A comprehensive and complete knowledge and action database to reveal hidden and unknown very detailed aspects of the self, the harm and dysfunction they cause, and the transformative actions one must take to resolve, heal and acquire consciousness.

Absolute Communing App
A complete knowledge and action database of communing sources and their
Individual ‘call signs’,  actions.  Also for mobile phone.
For an interactive communing actuality.

Consciousness App
Complete knowledge and action database of the Language of Absolute Being and how to embody each consciousness tone

Service App
Complete knowledge and action database of all service actions and how the individual can participate

Messaging App  (2)
A re-programming of ‘google santa tracker’ to a foundation messaging guide and daily actions for adults and children.

Virtual Reality Headset Programmes
    * Neurological Alignment, Harmonization & Beautification Therapy
Visual, audio, emotion stirring, life connection and mind altering sensations
    * Total Brain Detox – detoxing and brain reharmonization
    * Violence Reprogramming  Therapy
Visual, audio, emotion stirring, mind altering, perception & attitude alignment
    * Science  Reality Experience & Consciousness Enhancement Education
Experiencing the multi dimensional cosmos -  accessing and connecting to the ethereal realms.
    * Crop Circle Education

Childrens Therapy Vids

** 3 Childrens Therapy Vids, dealing with abuse 
•   Parentless/abandoned Child healing – ‘Wheres my Mummy’
•   Desexualizing the sexualized child healing –  ‘Chicken Little Hurts’
•   Child Abuse healing -  ‘BraveHearts’
Childrens Vids

** Elementalism for Children.
•    ‘What Makes Me Happy’ Animated series,  depicting children (some
children quite little)  communing with Elementals -  Possibly similar to Maya the Bee
•   ‘How Nature Speaks’ puppet series (lifelike animals & birds) -  This
will have a gentle, warm spoken  commentary.  The animals will not be speaking.


Video -  Video Series

•   Earthmothers Chronicles -  Video  Series
The story of oKa, the Divine Elemental Earthmother, her planet creation (one of the oldest planets in the Universe), her guardianship, species, and the journey from its beginnings to its future Solar Ignition and beyond.

•   Crop Circles
Crop Circle Teaching Tool
Moving animated crop circles

•   Elemental Sciences – The New Science Frontier  (T.V. Series)
New Science depictions, new awareness – experience – expansion.

•   Elementalism Instruction
An instructional guide to Elemental Immersion and Elementalism

•   Elemental Speaking

•   Free Energy

•   Sek Elvenesce

•   Galactical Sek Elvenesce

•   The Rehabilitation of Mars

•   Gathering Momentum
How harmonic & consciousness waves effect a reality
•   New Arth in Perspective
None Will Be Left Behind
The Plan, The Reality of the Human condition, (to disbelieve, not comprehend)
Elemental Intervention & Influence

•   The Shifting Planet Phenomena

•   Meet Ophus – our Suns Elemental  Creator
And the ents that generate the solar energy


Cinematic/Feature  Films:

1.   A Lost Humanity - Humans Lost Humanism
Depicting down through the ages -  ego, greed, ignorance,  poverty, misery, separation from spirit, secularism, anti life religions/orgs/governments/
2.   Living Oneness
Depicting lives in True Oneness with all life  – Conscious communication with all life, a knowing that all life, physical or ethereal,  is communicating or giving a message.
Note: the same graphics to be used for the picture book ‘You Are Not Alone’
3.   The History of Life -   
‘when life began’ how it began and its progression
4.   Tors Beloved Creation - The Human Races
Chronicling the 86  human races creation, how, why, when –their purpose,  the gifts, the problems, the solutions.
5.   The Chronicles of Arth
In the chronicling of Earths journey from its inception & birth (somewhere else) to now  – this doco will also be including  Cosmology/planet/solar sciences.
Outlining the Exodus Parsing (of her Beloved Humans to other planets)
And Universal Parague Paradesis – Earth humans taking transcendence to the rest of the Universe.
6.   The Ride of A Lifetime - Earth Shift Dynamic
 An animated depiction of Earths shift to a new Location (Below where she is now) with other planets sequentially joining her to create the new Arth Galaxy – how and when they are all shifted, to give humans an important awareness of galactical elementalism, for individuals stewardship roles and actions, and the knowledge Earth Humans will be relocating to these planets in the future
7.   Nibiru Returns
 Data from the Elementals – Its history, its reptilian dominated  harmfulness, its relationship to Earth – and how Earth humans should proceed with the intended Anganaki dominance.

8.   The Destroyers - The True Story of the Anganaki
9.   Against All Odds -  Destiny Fulfilled
 A New Golden Age – 3rd dimensional & All specie Transformation

10.   Dedicated   (??)



Printed & Ebooks
•    Elementalism
New Emergence of Elementalism –New Emergence of Evolutionary Radiance – New Emergence of Consciousness – New Emergence of Absolute Healing – New Emergence of Sciences of All That Is – New Emergence of Absolute Service – New Evolutionary Template
•   Elemental Mentorship
The work, the know how,  tools, coaching  and  outcomes  in an Elemental & ent mentorship
•   New on Planet Earth
Elemental Intervention – Elementalism – New Truths - Consciousness – Evolution – Absolute Healing – New Sciences – New Energy & Technologies – Absolute Harmonization – Magnetism – Transformation & Transcendence

•   United World Council
Explanation – Navigation – Involvement - Governance

•   New Arth Protocol
New Emergence of Elementalism – The All Knowing Paradigm – Dual Elemental & Human Governance – New Arth Law Reform – Healing & Existential Wellbeing Reality – Existential Sovereignty & Freedom – Crime & Harmfulness Dissolution – Disaster & Cataclysm Precogition – Elemental Naturalism & Holism – Evolution – Catalytic EarthShift Protocol – Existential Oneness Sacrosanctity – Sacred Sciences Experience – Catalytic Terrestrial Relocations – Immortal Eternalism

•   ‘You Are Not Alone’ –  A picture book
depicting Elementals, Cloud, Tree, Guardian, Zeta & Nature presence and how to observe, listen and associated action to take.

•   Evolution Template
Education & Training with Workbook addendum
Connection, Communing, Elemental & ent Mentorship, Daily Messaging, Profiling, Comnahm Schem, Training & Conduitism Sessions, Conference Involvement,Presentation/event involvement, Uni Ve Healing & Humanitarian Inc Involvement, Karma Clearing/Ego & Ugly personality characteristic Dissolution, Consciousness, Absolute Service & Stewardship, Crop Circle, Sek Elvenesce Supre Naturalism embodiment, Expansion Progression

•   Future of Earth & Her Species
The long future lives of transformed Humans and species will not be on Earth.
Earth is the education and training for Universal Transcendence deliverance.

Magazine & EMag
•   ‘ArgenArth’ – Humans Evolutionary Template  encyclopaedic magazine
Elementalism, Sciences, Healing, Consciousness, Crop Circles, Service & Stewardship.
And the work/actions involved to heal and embody consciousness.
•   Elemental News

E Newsletters
•   Elemental Spotlight – A newsletter for circulation
With tools and charts
•   Elemental Circle Makers Report
With tools and charts
•   Humans Evolution Template Updates
Planetary & Species Transcendence Formula
A companion to use with the Humans Evolution Template Manual