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War Victims
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Victims of War
for compensation, restitution, reparation.
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Combat affected Soldiers
War Veterans
There is very special therapy work to realign the brain of combat affected.
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OmCo & MagTor Judicial Nahwahn Group
An Elemental formation group, formed to coerce wrongdoing parties feelings of humaneness and humanitarianism.
To elicit genuine feelings of shame and embarrassment in the wrongdoing where innocent citizens were harmed and made victims.

Where there are no feelings of guilt or shame.  The OmnCo MagTor Group will expose the perpetrations, and criminal  wrongdoings - that caused the war, or caused the war to continue -  and  initiate legal proceedings for victim compensation and restitution.

Truths of every war - every conflict
will reveal the true agendas of the existance of criminal warfare
will reveal criminal, secret underhanded dealings of those in power colluding with the so called enemy.
will reveal government wrongdoing, government criminality and criminal alliances
will reveal the opportunities for racketeering, blackmarketing, blackmailing, prostitution
will reveal commandeering for ulterior motive -  upholding the criminal element
witholding food, water, shelter - redesignating, stealing,

leaving citizens in fear of their lives -
making homeless - with no food, water, shelter through intent to cause war for criminal activity
is a criminal act and a violation against humanity.

Depositions will be made to the offending parties for public exposure of their true agendas, crime, underhanded dealings  and ulterior motives for an immediate ceasefire.

Not only is there to be ceasefire, but full restitution made to the innocent victims of their criminal warfare.
Homes for the homeless  - community construction - water - gardens
Land Reformation 

It will only be through exposure and coercion from citizen power - for any restitution for citizens.

The Elemental & EnT will create platforms for exposure and litigations on behalf of the victimized and disadvantaged citizens in warring countrys - to give citizens that element of 'citizen power'