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Human Sciences
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It dehumanises and destroys life
It fragments, separates out and isolates – in the process brings forth corrupt understandings, false beliefs that mislead to the point  of ignorance, destruction of life, and further aggrandisement – the spiral into insanity is almost complete.

Your false understandings bring further ruin to Unity, to Harmony and Evolutionary Progression.
The Truth that Unites
Brings harmony, abundance and Truth – all else is irrelevant and only of concern to the science mind who cant see because of karmic misperceptions and cannot see any Truth at all.

You’ve had your opportunities to turn this around.
Left to your own ignorance you are now living in the psychotic delusions that human science can save the world.
It is simply not true that you can save the world
Without Our intervention you will go extinct.

That is the intention of the elite
Destroy resources
Destroy truth
Destroy human populations
And do so with callous intent – lacking understanding, compassion and truth.

Present day humanity under the control of the elite, have wilfully and maliciously
Destroyed the integrity of the Unity of Life and the Integration of Life

This disrespect for life by the elite has been done to planet after planet
It will cease on Earth
Our intervention is to undo these destructive attitudes your Human Science has been doing.

Elemental Science is based on Heart Unity, Loving Unity and cooperation to serve Life.

Science rationalization minds do not understand faith, honor or integrity of heart purpose – which they ridicule as childish nonsense.
The cost to humanity of this attitude  – is there for all to see

Destruction – disrespect – disunity -  deharmonization - denaturing