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Monetary System
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designed to feed the rich
creates constant unrest of not surviving, not coping or never having enough

A Problematic Imbalance of society - the many have nothing
while the few take everything
A Problematic Imbalance of Resources - those who have it
will be exploited by the few who will take everything
Feeding the manic intoxication with riches, power and greed.
Its not even about money
Its about psychotic, deranged attitudes of control, domination, hierarchial taking, consuming and destroying.
The Untruth,
everything is in a state of deficiency - created by the extreme polarisation to have it all for oneself.
Results in unstable societies, jealosy, envy, ambitions to lie, cheat, be criminal to get ahead

Perverted admiration glorification, for those who do insatiable greed
inspires others to act in a similiar fashion - destroying Peace and Harmony for all.

Unsustainable develops into acts of corruption, violence and absolute control intended to destroy anyone who objects - including whole populations, racial groups.
Whatever is considered an interference in the freedom to possess everything.

The denial of this insanity
the avoidance of dealing with this insanity
Is the present state of going into extinction on Earth for life itself.

Exposing the Untruths that feed the Insanity of Greed.
A Belief in Money is the Purpose of Life
To Have it All
leads to self-centred abuse,
further lying,
further cheating,
further deviousness and corrupting the whole of society. -
It has reached a level of insanity,  when it is not only unsustainable,
It is totally destructive to Trust, integrity and trustworthy leadership in the world