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Natural Justice
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Injustice, subverting natural justice with psychotic psychopathic self serving.
Creating or changing natural laws to only serve self-interests is a criminal act makes governments/politicians, the politics of any institution and all self created elitist authority,  totally disrespectful, dishonest, deeply corrupted with selfish survival at others  expense.
Such authority is unwilling and defiantly self glorifying in its contempt for  any engagement with natural law based on unity love for all, compassion, life support, to nurture life.

Nature, all species and people are transformed into commodities for controlling possessing, abusing, stripping and destroying - it is naive to believe they even care about you - the leaders of these elite institutions are unconsciously cold hearted psychotic psychopaths incapable of shame or guilt at what they do to destroy life to have psychotic intoxicating pleasure in their ambitions to control, have power and greed over all life.

Creating laws to protect their interests is criminally culpable insanity the irresponsibility of law societies and the lawyers within them supporting such psychotic rights to act without conscience is criminal intellectual dishonesty and corruption on part of legal authorities - a psychopathic
collusion to defeat the natural law of unity love behind that nurtures life support it is felt by the heart as violation, disrespect, dishonour and defilement and awakens natural resistance to being so treated
To label that as breaking the law is the insanity of the elite making these laws that serve only elitist control to act with criminal intent and claim they are within the law.

Justifying it is lawful therefore must be obeyed is a perverse act of intellectual lying, self-deceit, self-serving, untruth - it is only worthy of feeling abject shame and guilt for being part of such a defilement and corruption of truth.
By law you can make anything be  done is arrogant intellectual dishonesty, self-serving violence against life.

Truly heart honest people have compassion for life, love and nurturing of Nature, compassion and desire to end pain and suffering a  sacred stewardship to serve life.
Only doing what the law says to do,  truly must be based on the heart truth do no harm

Creating laws to support institutions, corporations that have no such heart values actualised in their leadership are wilfully doing harm to life and demanding their laws they created be obeyed is blatant violation and abuse of others

The lawyers compromise themselves, their integrity and honesty when creating such laws that subvert natural justice - they are committing crimes against humanity and all life,  to justify such laws as intellectually their right to protect their patrons rights is unconscionable acts of dishonesty their hearts know they are doing but their minds justify is their purpose to do, control interference in their clients rights to pursue self-interests, freedom to be protected by laws that control and punish thosewho see through the unconscionable violence as a violation of heart truth to be nurturing life that make all actions be accountable and sustainable to ongoing evolution without harm.

Natural law is conscious and heart felt awareness that you do no harm to other
life and Nature .
This means nurturing all life, keeping harmony and able to sustain life and all on earth.

Subverting this truth to serve self-interests is insane act of unconscious people who need to compassionately made aware of their shame and guilt of violating unity of all life

Self-serving institutions do not live by this natural law of unity love but are based on
harmful ego based leadership values and ambitions - only makes the leadership issue
even more corrupting.
Culpability for acts of harmful ego's is not something any man made  law can subvert by administrative authority and expect people to honour its untruth

The natural law of karma can be simply stated -you will experience what you create - failure
to seriously consider the full meaning of this truth is what you see all around you in life  as
total disrespect and abuse of life is now manifesting as the pollution, destruction of life and
Nature, chaos and wilful harm made legally permissible to elitist institutions to do.

Karmic return is not the just cause and effect truth/judgment about natural law it is the
opportunity to feel the shame and guilt and act in recognition of culpability you are doing
the harm and it must stop

Rationalising and justifying you are not responsible creates blame  of others

In truth when there is no shame and no guilt then there is criminal psychotic harmfulness to life and yourself

No profession or the institution used to uphold the laws of that institution, be it religion,
education, corporation or society is exempt from natural karmic law.

Ignoring karmic law is quite openly identifiable by simply observing all around you and in
you - it is the disrespect, selfish, self-serving, self-survival con and deceit perpetrated by
the elite against all life, we are just competing to survive.
I is lame avoidance of culpability  and unwillingness to be honest with self and making it seem reasonable life is ruled by survival of fittest - an untruth - the uncomfortable and sad truth of human hearts life experience has become ruled by the psychopathic psychotic insane ambitions of the elitist few who are honoured and glorified by the aspiring elitists as the goals to pursue in life - making
worthy the unworthy is being unconsciously self-delusional as the insane elite you admire

If that is the glorified fittest then people are seriously psychotic to believe in such leadership
has any real care or interest in their lives or their ongoing survival and evolution.

Very succinctly,  laws created to preserve corruption, lies and dishonesty are unworkable
as ongoing life choice - such laws are anti-life under karmic law and attempts to subvert
the karmic law are the acts of the criminally insane psychopathic intellectual intoxication
with power and control

it is a self delusion of the elite that they can use their judged inferior masses, Nature or life
itself by creating laws of immunity from consequences of their actions, this exactly what
is happening insanity already legally colluding to reinforce already insane values.

the solution.

a transcendence guidance that is unconditional love in life support purpose.
a love that teaches harmlessness to life through providing telepathic words and visions
to identify and clear into consciousness the untruths contained in karmic patterns of
ongoing harmfulness.

the most dangerous to life karmic patterns are those involving very ugly unconscious
personality lineage dysfunctions that are manically intoxicating the mind with unconscious
pleasures in ambitions for power, control, dominance and consuming of life, stripping and
possessing taking all - accumulating wealth at the expense of life itself - self interests in
extreme of harmfulness, calculating, psychotc unconsciousness justifed belief that
survival of fittest is the truth when it is the  great delusion yet to be fully exposed
perpetrated by the elitist intellects - own, strip, take - that the whole purpose of life is
to survive by taking everything as your own.

a grand lie - psychotic deranged thinking totally unnecessary and irresponsible self
serving narcissism - psychopathic unwillingness to feel heart unity compassion and
harmony of sharing enough for all in abundance of Nature without having to harm life.

manic madness to compete unto death is the karmic pattern behind social chaos, all
warfare, all violence - the false claim I have a right to take what I want from anyone or
anything - it is indeed a very ugly dysfunctional personality karmic pattern - it is
megalomaniac insanity

dark egotism, seriously toxic destructive narcissism - this kind of world leadership  is
making itself more and more obvious it is insane and incapable of solutions to do anything
but deepening the insanity as it is motivated by self interest and not nurturance of Nature
or life, laws that support the elite psychosis are illegitimate to heart truth, violations of
natural law.

real solutions come from transcendent guidance not deities of war and violence that
still control the collective unconscious with the human fear and need to be taken care of
by appeasing the gods to even survive - this slavery to untruths propagated by elite
controlling psychopathic narcissists - that is your alignment and belief in the deities of the
collective unconscious - false gods,  self centred gods, frightened gods who demand
obedience or be punished as their means to have and gain control over humanity - a god
that defends itself with violence is a human creation of fear made into a  power thought
form to destory what humanity does not understand, it is ignorance posing as divine
intelligence  - a human projection onto the unknown as a god to serve  that is violent, 
fickle, untrustworthy  must be appeased

how is this sanity when your deity is made in the image of ugly dysfunctioanl human personality
worshipped as the truth - what you fear you distrust - what you have faith in is your ignorance
seeking solace  - deep down you despise and hate what you are supposed to love and worship - it
is unworkable unconscious karmic insanity.

real work with spirituality is making conscious your own  ugly dysfunctional personality and all
the methods you use to maintain the rationalisation it doesn't exist in you but always found in
others  you judge as evil is the karmic pattern of avoidance and denial, evasion of truth it's
your karma being shown to you in the mirror provided by others - it is something to be grateful
for not gloat over, act superior or pious you are not like that - false self congratulations is
hypocrisy and dishonest.
It leaves your karma intact,  and working you unconsciously to be constantly harmful in your interactions with those who in reality are helping you to see the truth you avoid.
Be humble and thankful for their mirror that you are insane,  and time to take responsibility for what you are avoiding,  and denying what you are really like

feeling shame and guilt, embarrassment are clues to the beginning of your recovery from your
own personal insanity - everyone is insane with karmic patterns there are no exceptions  - that is
the pain and suffering your heart feels that you are not acknowledging is karmically created.

this has happened because such knowledge is dismissed by elite education institutions as
irrelevant to life fulfillment  - the truth is quite the opposite  - karma clearing is essential to
become truly harmless , truly fulfilled in harmony with life, learning to commune with an
unconditionally loving inner guidance is a step needed to have enough consciousness to even
identify the karma patterns  - the communing with inner guidance is about lessons in love,
compassion, apology and forgiveness to release the hold harmful karmic patterns have over
your life - it is a gift from the guidance -the assistance to become  conscious embodiment of
unity of all life, not as lip service but actual service to life as they give service to you to be in
service to life is realised as your true purpose

self serving, selfishness is not truth - it is institutionalised insanity passed off as survival fears, that
justifies harm to life - a patent self serving lie and unsustainable to life.It is anti-life to all other life
- wrong headed reasoning and dismissal of unity love as the only ongoing way to create, maintain
in abundance and evolve all life in harmony and cooperation is what the elite refuse or even
consider is natural law in action

unhealed karma is the root cause of insane lifestyles now working people that self serving is
a legitimate pursuit in life - it is karmic result of unconscious disrespect for life and Nature ,
everthing -it is not sustainabel when egos  seek the same selfish competitive ambitions it is
an existential crisis of pursuig elitist gratification and control a pyrmid of misery, stress and
pain and suffering - untenable, closed heart, closed to truth a rationalisation you can avoid
the karmic consequences.

identify the problem for yourself - its mirrored in life all around you the unworkablilty of  fear
based survival its selfishness is destroying the planet

solution - commune with inner unconditional loving consciousness  and identify your own kamic i
insanity running you to death while you enjoy an empty moment of psychotic pleasure is the
harmfulness that keeps destroying you and others around you is hardly being honest with
yourself or life - no honesty no evolution, just same old patterns of karma stagnating you to
degeneration and death

solution - regeneration, transformation of attitudes, becoming conscious that eg/mind is made up
of unworkable sets of karmic patterns causing constant conflict and stress with reality by denying
its unworkability to sustain life, creates the cold hearted , uncaring, indifference that is killing life
on earth

clearing your own ugly psychosis of harm contributes to the healing of all through serving all life is
the purpose of life for all - each part of karmic world you heal heals it for all to start their evolutionary

turning around your own patterns and reining in a selfish ego set of karmic survival fears is indeed
terrifying to survival based ego  attitudes but is brings peace and harmony to your heart

simple choice is your heart unity loving more important than all your fear based ambitions of
having power and control over everything in competition with other just as insane as your own
ego's insanity?

addictive intoxication with psychotic madness is karmic patterns running you to death and destruction
- it is never loving unity - the true purpsoe of life when you finally realise  ego is insane and void of
any truth - it is untruth claiming to be intelligent - then why are egos destroying the very planet
that supports them?

yes your karmic patterns that make up ego are this conradictory, insane and anti-life

there is a solution but it won't come from your ego or intellect, it will come through your heart by
communing with your inner guidance on how to clear karma through a transcendent conscious
unconditional love and it is not a religion - it is a conscious realisation of something beyond your
ego/mind beliefs that are so karmically insane with untruths and misinformation brokered for
eons by interference in human evolution.