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Arth Impeachment - Magorial Tor Presentation
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•   Arth Impeachment - A Magorial Tor Presentation
No more wars
No more conflicts
No more operations to harm citizens and create chaos

All Governments to parlay with Tor and master conduits
For an absolute about face on Free Energy for their citizens, and an individual  monetary recompense from the International Monetary Fund, for their humans to set up Elemental Communities.

1.  All  nuclear warheads, nuclear waste, radio active fission chambers, to be collected in readiness for solar disintegration.
With Nibiruan super large spacecraft.

2. Military to be used for peace keeping

3. Military Special Assistance Branch –
to be used for Elemental Community Preparation.

4. No more secretive collusive behaviour by governments and clandestine organisations to deceive, take, steal, create mayhem, create disturbance to use and abuse citizens.

5. All clandestine organisations that uphold demonic reptilian and human madness to harm and sow terror will be shut down. 
All members will be shown how to heal the self of mental dysfunctions that have caused severe aggression, hatred, fury, depravity and mindless brutality.

6..  All manufacturing of weapons will cease

7.  All weaponry to be recycled

8. All weaponry in secret storage, will be detected by Us and measures taken for removal and  recycling.

9.  All nuclear waste to be collected and made suitable for removal operations

10 . There is to be no more vile production of any substance, matter, device, to kill and maim humans

 11. There will be no more  vile thieving, shuffling around, commandeering, laundering, transferring by governments,  of money that is meant for the disadvantaged citizen.

12. There will be no more vile infiltration of humanitarian groups to secure homeless and parentless children for trade.

13. There will be no more vile trade of children

14. There will be no more vile sexual exploitation of children

15.  There is to be no more blackmailing – coercion  -  killing – spying  – domination – killing  –  underhanded dealings  – payoff, payouts, take out - by governments to ‘throw a spanner in the works’ – to bring down another government.

16. There is to be equality established on this planet. There is no room for an outdated system of inappropriate, nonsensical,  pompous,  grandiose ideology  to parade the reptilian regency.

17.  All humans to become vegetarians – thereby showing honor to the animals and bird realm