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Magorial Tor High Command Representation
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To be a New Arth  Advocate.
A Magorial Tor High Command Narwahn Deliverer and Omni Council Representative.

   To be a voice for the Divine Earthmother, oKa, Magorial Tor High Command  and Omni Council
   To act on behalf of Elemental & EnT Omni Council
   To be a presence wherever Magorial Tor High Command, and Omni Council decrees
   To represent Elemental & EnT Omni Council  in whatever capacity is required
   To hold a brief for the liberation and protection of all species on Earth.
   To answer for those who are disabled and unable.

The Elemental & EnT Omni Council is a council of ancient Elemental light beings from past Universes, here to awaken humans to consciousness, stewardship and absolute sciences.
Through consciousness and Elemental Sciences, one is able to see and understand the dilemma the entire Universe is in because of humans ignorance.

The Elemental Realms on all dimensions and in all worlds,  have been severely compromised and disabled.

Service Consciousness will create the dedication and devotion to Service, Stewardship  and Elemental Congress dependence, the crucial complicity link to action, participation and experience.

Every living thing is inside a very incomplete and disabled Elemental.
Elementals are ethereal light beings in shapes of serpants, teardrop shape,  bean shape, leaf shape and spheres.
The Elemental is the blueprint for existance.
All species including planets have a separated and incomplete Elemental complement holding them.  This in turn causes a separated and incomplete being.

The Elemental High Council  are here to assist every human in how to make good the Elemental realms, by first defining the Elementals as beautiful conscious loving beings who are in pain because they are disabled, and cannot serve humans to their full ability.
To reform, reunite, realign,  reconstitute, resolve, make restitution requires a commitment to the Elemental Messaging system and a devotion to the Elementals.  This occurs with the profound understanding of the absolute devoted attentiveness of the elementals for every humans growth and well being.

In the rectification of the elemental realm  manifestation and transcendence will occur as the natural course of the new consciousness.

The Elemental High Council intend to give opportunities for humans to become conduits for Elemental Congress and Elemental High Council presence, as this propels the individual to higher states of consciousness.