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Omni Council Intervention
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Omni Council  Elemental Intervention, Prevention  & Nurturance Investiture

Elemental Intervention is a spiritual saturation trusteeship investiture  of Elementals to assist the critical state of humans unconsciousness and mental disintegration demise and nature specie demise.

The Critical State of Humans Disintegration
The Need for Elemental Congress Urgency

Disintegration of Life

The karmic effect has diminished the Human Blueprint to such an extent the human is severely mentally, emotionally and intellectually incapacitated.

The human has become a lost, misguided specie, because they do not know life.

The karmic effect has re-arranged and dis-ordered brain tract behaviour, which in turn causes brain organs to produce substances that disharmonize and poison all other organs throughout the body.

The over sensitive, desensitised human is now at a critical state.
Levels of cognition understanding, and coping with Life are low.
Consciousness and the true understanding of life is non existant.
Causing the human to invest and quest in all sorts of pursuits to hide the fact the life is hollow and empty, which masks the mental, emotional and intellectual incapacitated capacity to know life.

To understand, care, trust, digest, be involved and do right action, a profound spiritual saturation must occur this in turn facilitates Elemental Congress.
Through Elemental Congress, a new focus begins that generates commitment, perservence, devotion, dedication, and a dependence upon the constant supply of information  -  all of which are necessary to change the disintegration of an intellect to growth of consciousness and the emergence of a totally new human specie.

It takes consciousness to know life.
Through Elemental Congress the human is guided to take new actions -  actions they were previously unable to do because of the karmic effect and life-matter-ignorance.
Through new actions, a new personality and intellect begins based on consciousness.


All nature has changed because of humans ignorance.

Electrification of the atmosphere electrifies elements, species, including humans.  The nervous system of all species has become so electrified it, along with other factors, is disintegrating the brain.  Dictating changing behaviour patterns and for humans dictating emotions and thoughts.

Electrified:  sharp, nervous, reactive, on guard.

Elements of many nature species has been changed through karmic actions of interference, this changes the DNA, and the natural ability to do or be something  (this has happened for humans as well).

This started with the appearance of Nibiru and its scientists travelling the universe to experiment.
Any genetic modification ALWAYS leaves the species less than they were before, because of certain actions in the etheric field and blueprint,  of those being experimented on.

Many species (including humans)  on Earth behave unnaturally.  The unnatural harmfulness of all species is going to have some assistance from the Elemental Intervention & Prevention Councils to create a peace and calm state in readiness for awakening, consciousness understanding for the Preparation for Planetary & Specie Transcendence.

New Blueprints

For Transcendence all species will require new blueprints.
All humans and a small percentage of animal and bird will have new blueprints for ultimate transcendence.

Those animals and birds that are evolving their species, be the recipients of blueprints of a quasi human form.
This changeover, will be near Elemental Communitys  - where Human Stewardship can occur to nurture these new species into consciousness and transcendence.